Company Profile

HHES & MEDICAL SERVICES PVT LTDis working on Sales and servicing of medical machineries related to Radiological ,cardiological ,neurological and other medical equipments since 12 years and

Since last 7 years we are working and providing Hospital establishment services and now we are working on establishing network of 1000 polyclinics in the eastern region of India

Strategy for manufacturing of medical machineries

HHES & MEDICAL SERVICES PVT LTD have good relation with over 140 medical equipment and accessories manufacturing companies worldwide whose manufacturing Engineers, Researchers and Scientists want to work with us as we have developed good relation with this core manufacturing team. This is essential to make manufacturing machineries inline with International Quality and Standard, as our major impetus on machineries Standardization

Phase-wise development and manufacturing as

Phase-1( For The First 3 years )
We will manufacture 15 medical Radiological machineries and other medical Accessories including X-Ray, Ultrasound(USG), C-Arm, Modular Operation Theater (MOT) etc. and Assembling of Higher end sophisticated machineries including CT Scanner, M R I and other

Phase-2 (After 3 Years )
We will start manufacturing of highly sophisticated medical machineries along with other machineries with help of highly skilled trained Indian workforce including Technicians, Engineers, Researcher and Scientists

Benefits of importing workforce to ensure Quality and Skill Development

This imported expertise will ensure that manufactured machineries will have samestandardization and quality as that international brands. At rate half of this company’s manufacturing cost

This imported workforce will provide training and skill development of our Indian Technician ,engineers and Scientist & this will increases the scale of manufacturing of different medical machineries

Objective and Development

With this project we can generate over 2 LakhsEmployment for Skilled, Semi-skilled and Unskilled including Handicap and Old Age within 3 years after commencement of the project

Provide Skill Development and Training to Unskilled people of Sikkim to increases their Employability

After 3 years post Commencement of Project ,there will be no need for Sikkim Peoples to go outside for any treatment including open heart Surgery, neurological treatment and other ,as we will develop our own MULTI-SPECIALITY AND RESERCH CENTRE equivalent to Fortis or Vedanta, and this will ensure accessibility of MULTI-SPECIALITY TREATMENT

If the Government procurement cost is around 100 Cr but the actual cost of manufacturing is only around 45-50 Cr ,remaining goes as profit to middle men and machine suppliers
By eliminating the role of middle men ,this direct profit to the government exchequer can be utilize for people’s welfare programs

For this medical Revolution ,we do not need any market to sell our machineries as we will manufacture only THE GOVERNMENT AND for our established NETWORK OF POLYCLINICS AND MULTI-SPECILITY HOSPITALS in the Country,this will Decreases cost of treatment and will ensure affordability and accessibility of healthcare services to the people of Sikkim and entire nation

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